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4 and a half hours by conventional ferry and 2 and a half hours by high-speed ferry from Piraeus, Serifos, - the most erotic island of the Cyclades- the island of myth and reality, of Perseus and Medusa, of the 72 beaches, is an ideal place for you to relax, to dream and to fall in love.

And when it is time for you to go, you must promise yourselves that you will come back. The hospitable Cyclades island will be waiting for you.

How to get in Serifos

Serifos belongs to the complex of the west part of the Cyclades islands and it is located between Sifnos and Kythnos. The visitor can get to Serifos by boat (approximately 4 hours) or by speedboat (approximately two hours and a half). You can see the ships’ timetable from Pireaus to Serifos here.

Welcome to Serifos

When you get in Serifos, the first stop is the port, Livadi, where you will find the beautiful homonymous beach and Avlomonas, which stretches to the left towards the village Livadakia. Here, the visitor will find many restaurants, where he can try traditional tastes of Serifos, and of the Greek and international cuisine. The visitor will also find here cafeterias, bars and clubs, since it is the hart of the island’s night life.

However, when the boat arrives at Serifos, the first thing that will catch your eye is the village of Hora, which stretches on a hill, over Livadi. During your tour in its alleys, there are many surprises waiting for you to discover them – small houses, labyrinthine alleys, pure white churches, the neoclassical building of the town-hall, the ruins of the Venetian Castle, the folklore and archaeological museum of Serifos, cafeterias and restaurants.

Serifos – Continuing the tour - Beaches

Continuing the tour, Serifos will reveal other villages which are located on hill-sides, such as Kentarhos or Kallitsos, Galani and Panagia. In Panagia with its alleys and its cool square, there is an homonymous church, where the biggest feast of Serifos takes place on the 15th of August.

On the west part of the island, you should go visit the installations of the mines in Koutalas and in Megalo Livadi. When you get there, you will see the entrances leading inside the mines, sculpted on the slopes of the mountains, the ladders of loading - unloading the minerals and the building that used to be the headquarters of the company that used to exploit the mines "Serifos - Spilialeza".

Car Rental

Voltaro Serifos Car RentalDiscover Serifos with a car from "Voltaro" Car Rental.
For information and reservations please contact +30 697011430.